Vintage shalimar

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A Guide to Vintage Shalimar – Part III: Bottle Designs, Dating Bottles & eBay Tips

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The bergamot was the most fickle of the lot. Sometimes, it wafted Earl Grey tea more than creamy lemon chiffon mousse; sometimes, it wafted both.

No, it was shalmar even remotely as productive. These bottles are very burnt to find and are also collectible. If it is unproven written, it is smaller.

It was so powerful that it almost shaliar me a headache when I sniffed shallmar arm up close for too long during the first 30 minutes. With a smaller application amount, the fragrance is less of a powerhouse and sits closer to the skin, comparatively speaking, but this is a fragrance where a little goes a very long way. The scent turns softer, rounder, and sweeter about 1. At this point, the fickle bergamot is temporarily in hiding, though that is rarely the case for long.

By the middle of the 3rd hour, the fragrance smells mostly of musky, lightly smoky, faintly animalic leather enveloped within boozy and equally smoky vanilla. Instead, what appears are the syrupy jasmine and woody birch. Vintage Shalimar continues to change over time. This is essentially the drydown phase, and it continues for quite a while. The notes eventually grow blurry, overlap, and simplify. Shalimar was one of the first scents to incorporate the synthetic vanilla compound, vanillin. I read somewhere that Shalimar was created from mixing Jicky and vanillin.

The scent of Shalimar is deep and velvety black with the scent of lemon hinted medicinal vanilla. Night-blooming flowers, vanilla and musks blend exquisitely in this heady, romantic and sensual scent to create instant and lasting intrigue. Personally I find that vintage Shalimar perfumes smell the best, as their perfume oils were more concentrated and didn't have the chemical smell that today's versions have. The vintage perfumes have a delightful musky and well rounded accord that are not comparable in the Shalimar of today. If you wish to obtain the earlier versions, I suggest the Shalimar of the s up until the s.

They have aged beautifully, like a fine wine.

Shalimar Vintage

Ebay always has shalimmar really good examples, and they are usually at bargain prices. I suggest getting the perfumes that look dark, syrupy and thick. I find that these last a very long time when applied to the skin and the vanilla warms up nicely. Please remember that the older Shalimar is, the darker it will be in the bottle.

If it is light colored, it is newer. Compare the pictures below to see difference in color: One Vintage shalimar sharper and much more defined, while the other is a lot more sloppy. Saint Gobain bottle from Photo from ebay seller thepaintedpast Notice that this bottle's label is completely more complicated than the one in the lucite block frommakes dating bottles even more complicated! This bottle still has it's original box, so we can see that the copyright date on the box is So, any bottles that resemble this one can probably be assumed to be from around that time, previously we saidbut I don't have any indication of where that came from except it showed up in a google search The box was slightly different in the fact that Vintage shalimar of laying down inside the box, the bottle would stand Vintage shalimar snugly inside a small plinth, in which the box lid would slip over making a cover.

The stopper was not inside the bottle itself but was inside a tiny cardboard box which was included in the presentation box. Jacques Guerlain believed that the scent of vanilla was an aphrodisiac, so while examining a sample of vanillin, suddenly poured the entire contents into a nearby bottle of Jicky," just to see what would happen. Perfume Shrine has noted that "Vanillin was first isolated as a relatively pure substance in by Nicolas-Theodore Gobley, by evaporating a vanilla extract to dryness and recrystallizing the resulting solids. InGerman scientists Ferdinand Tiemann and Wilhelm Haarmann found a way to synthesize vanillin from coniferin, a glycoside of isoeugenol found in pine bark they went on to found a company which now belongs to Symrise and produce it industrially.

InKarl Reimer synthesized vanillin from another source: The laboratories De Laire bought the patent for vanillin and sold the product to Guerlain for their perfumery, first used in Jicky. But, Jicky already contained vanillin along with natural vanilla extract, as well as coumarin and linalool. The secret to the medicinal, smoky yellow vanillin of Jicky, reprised in Shalimar, was the remnants of guaiacol and phenols, lending an autumnal darkness to what would otherwise be a confectionary sweet cream. This is the reason that Guerlain insisted on ordering the impure grade of vanillin even when the chemical process was improved.

My grand-father, Jacques Guerlain, taught me how to love vanilla as it adds something wonderfully erotic to a perfume. It turned Shalimar into an evening gown with an outrageously plunging neckline. Night-blooming flowers, vanilla and musks blend exquisitely in this heady, romantic and sensual scent to create instant and lasting intrigue. Shalimar is one of the best selling perfumes ever and it's magic is undeniable. Personally I find that vintage Shalimar perfumes smell the best, as their perfume oils were more concentrated and natural and didnt have the synthetic chemical smell that today's reformulated versions have. I have no definitive or clear answer. And the Guerlain Perfumes blog makes no mention of a Marly horse design on any parfum bottle, either.

The basic thing that you should take away from all this is, in its simplest form, is: Another thing to look at is the colour of the velvet boxes themselves. Neither Marly horse logos nor oldish-looking, pinkish mauve boxes should drive your search because the thing that matters above all else, in my opinion, is juice colour. If you focus too much on the look of the presentation box or whether it has a horse on it, you may miss out on a truly fantastic bottle of fragrance. This fragrance was just that powerful and rich.

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