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When buying a sex toy or sexual lubricant you need to consider what it is made from, just as you would when choosing cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Skin vaginas Mens toys sex rubber

Many people are unaware that some sex toys and lubricants can be harmful to health due to the type of material they are made from such as rubber, jelly and latex and where they are akin. Some sex toys and lubricants can cause allergic reactions, leading to irritation, burning, stinging and may cause thrush. So choose skin safe sex toys and sexual lubricants to protect your assets. Keeping your sex toy clean is essential so wash after use with soap and water or use a sex toy cleaner and if sharing, pop a condom on your product to prevent transmission of infection. Quit Smoking Smoking affects your sexual function by negatively impacting upon testosterone levels in both males and females, the hormone responsible for maintaining libido.

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Cigarette smoking increases carbon monoxide levels in the body ultimately leading to inhibited production of xkin, bringing down libido. A report, involving 79, women, published in Tobacco Control showed those who smoked from the age of 15 went through the menopause, on average, 21 months earlier than women who did not smoke. Skij women who said they smoked heavily more than 25 cigarettes a day were likely to rhbber faced the menopause 18 months earlier than non-smokers. Even those women who had experienced years of passive smoking went through the menopause earlier than those women not exposed to passive smoke.

You should attend your smear test appointments up to the age of If you find having a smear test uncomfortable or painful, speak to your GP about topical vaginal applications that can ease vaginal dryness or atrophy to use prior to having your smear test. You can also take your own waterbased lubricants I take YES organic water based lubricant when I have my smear test and ask the healthcare professional to use the smallest speculum. Sex can feel painful or uncomfortable when you have vaginal atrophy which is why seeking medical advice and incorporating a pH balanced sexual lubricant into your sex play can help.

Please use water based lubricant. Please stop using it if you feel pain or discomfort. We recommend using condoms. Do not jerk your hand during climax ,it may harm your penis. Wash thoroughly after use, please save in a dark place with good ventilation.

Usually the artificial vagina has a realistic or close to realistic appearance with a sleeve, where the penis can be inserted. Realistic[ edit ] This type of artificial vagina is modeled on female genitals. For marketing purposes many manufacturers design the vagina like the exact replica of some famous pornographic actress' vulva. Realistic vaginas are made to simulate the natural physiology: Several realistic vaginas are manufactured with a narrower anal orifice for those users who also like to simulate anal sex. The natural vagina has a series of ridges called rugaeand manufacturers often add nubs or ribs into artificial vaginas to simulate the rugae and enhance pleasure.

In Japan, onacups are popular disposable artificial vaginas that simulate various sex acts and come with lubricant already inside. Vibrating[ edit ] These artificial vaginas superficially resemble the previous one, but they have the added feature of a vibrating element — usually a removable vibrating bullet that can be easily inserted into a hole into the bottom or the end of the sleeve. Another thing I learned during my studies is that there is little to no government regulation on what sex toys can be composed of. Many contain harmful chemicals called phthalates which are used to make jelly and PVC toys squishy.

Unfortunately for me, phthalates are not body safe and can cause chemical burns. This was extremely distressing news to me, as I had spent hundreds of dollars on a collection of sex toys that were harmful to my body. At first, I was not sure what to do. I started using condoms with my jelly toys, and I guess that was a little safer.

However, I eventually realized the noxious odor Mene the toxic toys in my house was causing me to have migraines. Just the smell made me sick. I eventually gave up on my collection. I trashed half of my sex toys and sold the other half to a strange man in his mid thirties via Craigslist.

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