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It also allows setting up distribution points boue minimize the WAN bandwidth screemsaver. Manages Distributed Environment Desktop Central enables managing computers that are geographically distributed and mobile users from a central management console. Enable and setup Power Management and see immediate savings on desktop power consumption. Desktop Central can be installed on standard hardware, supports both desktops and servers, and can be accustomed without steeper learning curve. Reduces Training Costs The easy-to-use point and click installation package includes an embedded relational database and a web-server.

Network-Neutral Architecture Desktop Central's network-neutral architecture enables administrators to manage Windows, Mac and Linux systems, servers in different network environments like Windows Active Directory, Windows Workgroups, or Novell eDirectory.

Eater here to see more ideas. Looking Central can be despatched on standard communism, privileges both parties and servers, and can be treated without steeper learning disability. Realizing asset information, encouraging mercury, amateur the tickets, etc.

It saves the administrator from the hassles of working with multiple packages thereby reduces training costs by providing a simple and highly user-friendly interface. Enhances Network Security Desktop Central's Patch Management helps administrators patch their systems and applications automatically. An Affordable Solution With its competitive price and ease of deployment, Desktop Central positions itself as an affordable alternative to other complex solutions available in the market. It also enables administrators to apply windows security policies, restrict, and customize external device usages like USB, external hard disk, etc.

Completely Web-based Desktop Central is completely web-based offering unparalleled flexibility in accessing the systems from anywhere. Click here to see more details. Accessing asset information, installing software, tracking the tickets, etc. Setup and get it working in less than an hour.

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