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Legends Cup (LFL)

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Uniforms etams of shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, performance wear, and ice hockey -style helmets with clear plastic visors in lieu tezms face masks. Along with the re-branding of the league, the now Legends Cup was to be played at Highmark Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 1, If still tied, the game ends drawn, and each team receives a one in the tie column in the standings; however, in postseason, multiple minute sudden death periods are played until one team scores, which wins the game.

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From January on, there will three global divisions: However, due to ticket sales exceeding the 3, seat capacity of Highmark, an taems was made on June 1,that the game would be moved to Philadelphia's PPL Parkthe home of the Philadelphia Passion. Other league changes included eliminating images of sexy women from team logos and changing the league tagline from "True Fantasy Football" to "Women of the Gridiron". Background[ edit ] Referees and players during the All-Fantasy Game, Sydney, The concept of the LFL originated from an alternative Super Bowl halftime television special called the Lingerie Bowla pay-per-view event broadcast opposite the Super Bowl halftime show.

Residents of Scottsdale also displayed opposition towards the hosting of the event in the city.

Teams Lingerie bowl

This means that there are usually three or four players who play both ways, as "iron women". Lingerie Bowl Canada I [ edit ] See also: In addition, a small number of US based have adopted their own color schemes not reflective of other local teams. The standard defensive formation features 2 defensive linewomen1 linebacker2 cornerbacksand 2 safeties strong safety and free safety. Horizon had announced that the cancellation was due to having reached a deal with an unspecified cable network to broadcast the following year's game.

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