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Venus and Adonis by Peter Paul Rubens, mid s. Hulton Fine Art Collection.

Born inPeter Paul Rubens was a 17th Century Flemish artist who became recognised as one of the leading proponents of a bold, exuberant artistic style called Baroque. Having started in Rome, the style was championed by the Vatican as being suitably grand enough to communicate its religious message. Characterised by strong colour, movement, drama and theatricality, through the work of masters such as Caravaggio, Bernini and Nues, the style became popular across Ample bodied nudes of Europe. Ampple became one of the leading Flemish artists at the head of a Catholic cultural resurgence and he won many commissions to provide religious art in his home city of Antwerp.

Alongside his religious works, Rubens became famous for his dramatic paintings about ancient mythology. Rubens dedicated his life to mastering the painting of the human body and studied anatomy and medicine as well as the work of the Italian master artists to achieve his goal. Detail from The Brazen Serpent, painted by Rubens between - For Rubens the human body was never just simply a body — there was a lot more involved. The human form provided a canvas to explore larger moral, ethical and religious truths. They are — and for very specific reasons. Rubens, like many of his generation, venerated the cultural, artistic and scientific achievements of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

He also believed they possessed ideal bodies as demonstrated by the beautiful ancient statues.

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Trained as an artist in the classical tradition, Rubens was expected to emulate the statuesque forms of these ancient sculptures. Rubens looked around him and boddied an epidemic of 'paunch-bellies, weak and pitiful legs and arms' sweeping through his native Antwerp and beyond. Sharing views common among his contemporaries, Rubens believed physical weakness could easily equate to spiritual weakness. For Rubens, his generation was nothing like the brilliant and beautiful ancients. Rubens did not merely copy antique sculptures and insert them into his paintings as lesser artists had done. He re-invented them, to do what only painting can do: Rubens was not really concerned with notions of beauty, body shape and body size as we understand them today.

He was far more concerned with questions of faith and eternity.

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Rubens was a devout Catholic and was seen as the leading cultural figure of Ampe period of spiritual renewal in the Catholic faith that came to be known as the Counter-Reformation. Typically bold, vibrant and dramatic, these religious works sought to use the human form to provide a powerful religious experience in the eyes of the viewer. Among the muscular bodies of the male assailants is the falling figure of a mother trying to protect her infant son. Bare-breasted and vulnerable at the centre of the slaughter, her pale, fleshy body fights off the powerful male figure that clutches at her child. And that look usually involves being thin.

But there are depictions of naked women or goddesses from earlier ages than the Classical era — and many of them exhibit a full figure.

Ancient aesthetics One of the earliest — and best known — is a small limestone figurine, little more than 11cm 4in high, traditionally called the Venus of Willendorf. She is named after the Austrian village near the Palaeolithic site where she was discovered in Her modern name is controversial, since calling her Venus invites comparison with the much more obviously beautiful Venuses fashioned by the sculptors of ancient Greece. This footless figure is, frankly, much fatter than her Grecian descendants: She looks like a fleshy hand grenade. View image of The ancient Venus of Willendorf Credit: She is the too-muchness of nature, which man longs to direct to his salvation.

Yet I fail to see any pornographic or erotic significance in this piece. For me, Frau Willendorf has the kind of candid reality and physical ease reflected by Freud in his paintings of Sue Tilley. Certainly, when we look at later periods in art history, we quickly realise that beauty is never an absolute concept, but something that shifts and fluctuates over time. The artists of the Northern Renaissance, for instance, preferred to paint naked women with elegant, slender and tapering, small-breasted bodies:

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