Vintage galaxian tabletop mini arcade

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Decals for Vintage Coleco Electronic Mini Arcade Table Top Galaxian Game

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They even had demo modes—all done to replicate the original. Galaxian is fun in this mini arcade cabinet design and the playability comes fairly close to the original.

Galaxian mini arcade tabletop Vintage

Galaxian is probably the most fast paced game in the Coleco tabletop arcade series with so much action stuffed into the small screen. The closer the game was to the originals—we all remember dumping our hard earned quarters in at Chuck E. These arcade miniatures, first introduced inwere by far the most realistic, portable gaming experience of their day. I will pay cash or trade you for the items listed below or anything you do not see in my personal collection listed above.

Re-creating the arcade experience represented the biggest challenge for home-based video games; in the early days, the technology we could experience at home was a bit crude. The Donkey Kong Jr. Coleco planned to make DK Jr. What set these games apart from others at the time was the design—a smaller version of the original full-size arcade game.

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You could just keep on playing this handheld glaxian for hours. More from my site. Then there was Donkey Kong Jr. The game that did the best job of representing the original was Galaxian; it really looks and sounds like the arcade version.

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