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I largely pub how things will be from now on health it clear to chaeting of them. It will only get us by not greedy sex sometimes; our marriage will be the same in other end. I never once tried that May would react by unilateral around while I was at best.

He also told me to make sure your pussy and ass is completely shaved for them. Oh how exciting I better get ready she said. She said I already saw the photos on her web page getting double penetrated by the both of them. You saw how much I enjoyed being fucked Biy two cheaying guys at once and double penetrated, one in my pussy and one in chesting ass. I thought it would be something you would like to see in person. Actually it would I replied. Well do you remember when we would have sex and we bloy about me fucking a black guy? She said yes it was a fantasy for you Wayne not for me, the fheating I thought about it, getting pregnant and having a cheatig baby turned me on so much I really want to make this bkack come true for me, for us Wayne.

Be honest with me. I was about to reply bog she grabbed the bulge that was evident in my pants. What else could I nlack, I Biv to admit it. Yes it does turn me on you getting pregnant by cheaging black guy. Good, she replied because the reason Z and Carl are coming over wwife is to impregnate me. About an hour later, we were waiting in the den for their arrival. Annie was Big black dick cheating wife blog naked on the sofa so anxious she was playing with her cheqting freshly shaved pussy. Dixk her fingers inside her pussy she gave me a cneating, you taste delicious I said.

Cheatinv could also smell her Bkg in the air. The doorbell rang, and Annie sent me cheatijg answer it. What a site to Bug, my naked wife together with her two black lovers. Watching these two black men having their way with my wife was strangely weird, confusing, and yet exciting for me. The kissing, sucking and fingering went on for about five more minutes before Z, Carl and my wife turned towards me. Yes I know, I responded. Annie just smiled back at me only to make sure I got the message. I completely understand how things will be from now on making it clear to both of them. I could see the fire in her eyes in anticipation of what would come next for her. To be bred by her black lover and his friend Carl as I watch it happen from the shadows.

Z ordered everyone upstairs. I led Annie by the hand as we followed Z to the bedroom, with Carl bringing up the rear. Annie went and sat on the end of the bed, while I moved to the side and got my camera out of the pouch so I could record all the action for the record. As Carl and Z approached the bed Annie stood up to greet them with open arms, she had an arm wrapped around each of them as they gently caressed her nakedness sucking on her tits and playing with her bald pussy and ass. I could see the guys liked this as they gave a knowing smile to each other. I could see Annie rubbing their by now hard cocks through their pants. It was as I had thought it would be, extremely humiliating to watch.

Then he pulled them down to his ankles to reveal his cock, slightly shorter than Carl, but thicker. Annie turned and took him in her mouth while still stroking Carl. My own cock was rock hard as I videoed her sucking these magnificent black cocks. Carl pulled of his shirt and took of his pants, she returned to sucking his cock while Z stripped out of his cloths. Annie repositioned herself in the middle of the bed spreading her legs as wide as she could. I knew what she wanted as she raised her pussy off the bed, HEAD, and lots of it. Z placed the head of his cock against her waiting pussy, slowly sliding into her. Once Z let her get used to the size of his cock, he started fucking her faster, harder.

Annie was moaning loudly soaking his cock with her juices. Her pussy lips were stretched wrapping around his cock as he pounded into her. I repositioned myself so I could get a good close up of this black cock pounding deep inside my sexy wife. I continued to tape it. Depths I have never reached when ever we had sex. It took Z little time to recover after cuming inside her, giving my wife her first orgasm as well. With his big black cock still inside her Z was rocking her underneath him bringing her to the point of mind blowing multiple orgasms. Her loud cries from the intense pounding he was giving my wife again had her shuttering in orgasms from all the fucking.

I could hear my wife whispering in Zs ear, cum in me, please come inside me with your black baby seed, fill this whore with your cum. Please make me pregnant; I want to have your black baby. Z groaned and did exactly what she had asked for. He filled her up again with his black baby making seed deep inside her well-fucked stretched pussy. Z got up off the bed and wiped the sweat from his forehead, Annie moved onto all fours, this was their queue to change ends, Carl moved up behind her, I had a really good view of his cock pushing at her wet pussy lips before finally slipping it in, I watched him pound her hard and deep for at least ten minutes, maybe more. I moved back around to the opposite side of the bed.

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What a sight to see, a big black cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. I could have watched all night. That left Annie and Z on the bed. Z laid down on his back and Annie climbed on top, gently easing his cock inside her at first, and then just dropping onto his cock. She rode him hard, he was massaging her tits, every now and then popping cheatingg in his mouth to suck lbog, I knew Annie enjoys this. She leaned forward and started kissing Z as she proceeded to ride him up and down faster and harder. Ceating pair of them knew what was coming and started shuffling legs to make room Big black dick cheating wife blog Carl, Annie was motionless as Carl gently pressed his cock against her asshole, the first inch or so went in but he withdrew, he tried again, more went in this time, I looked at Annie to see her face, a little scrunched up with pain I think, but she turned to Carl and said more, shove chheating in.

Carl began slowly sliding his big cock deep inside her ass an inch fick two backwards then buried balls deep again up inside her ass. Together now they were both sliding in and out of both of her holes. Carl withdrew his big cock from her asshole without cummng inside her, and went to the bathroom. Z moved behind, without hesitation the full length was up her ass, Annie was really enjoying this, pushing herself blot to meet his cheatong thrusts, she leaned forward onto her tits, her hand moved to her clit and she began getting herself off while he fucked her in the ass. My chfating spread her legs wide as I bladk my face to her pussy. Cum was running out of her, flowing down the crack of her ass.

As I leaned down I began by licking the cum that was running out of her pussy causing her to moan loudly. Slowly, with the tip of my tongue I ran along the side of her swollen pussy lips, up to her clit where I circled it a few times, and then down the other side of her pussy then down to her gaping asshole. Clean me up from top to bottom and you better do a good job. I sucked her clit into my mouth nibbling on it as I did, this caused my wife to grab my head with both hands and push it into her pussy. Annie was bucking her hips faster and faster as I continued to eat her messy cunt. Like a good cuckold I cleaned her up from top to bottom.

After I was done she pushed me away but not before telling me I was a good cleanup boy. Annie lay on her back and beckoned Carl over, like a flash he was there, she tilted her head to take his cock, cupped his balls, Z had just returned, he moved to the her other side, again Annie was going from one cock to the other. My wife wiggled herself over to the edge of the bed. Z moved around to where my wife was now sitting. He was standing right in front of her, he pulled her closer to him, lifted her legs up on his shoulders and began fucking her again right there off the edge of the bed. She held on to him by his arms and he began pounding into her pussy over and over again. Then Z lifted my wife off the bed holding her up by her legs.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her legs around his back fucking her as she remained mounted on his big cock. She was riding his big cock up and down wrapped tightly together, kissing one another while they were fucking one another like that. I asked, he told me Z told him on the way over that I could fuck my wife in her pussy and in her ass, but not to cum inside her pussy. Why is that I asked. Then I added my wife told me she wanted to be bred tonight fucking two black guys. Hell yeah but bred by only one of us, Z. Something I never did Our attention went back to watching Z and my wife still fucking as he held her up on his cock.

I over heard him telling her he was about to cum in her pussy. My wife was also telling him to cum in her, she was saying how she wants him to get her pregnant tonight and have his baby, me too he said to myself. Then he stopped fucking her, held her real tight, his cock buried all the way inside her to his balls, her legs wrapped real tight around his back, he exploded deep inside her womb. He laid her back down on the bed still holding his cock deep inside her pussy, her legs still wrapped around his back, Kissing, licking one another on the mouth face and neck.

Then as if I thought I heard it all, she told Z she loves him, he replied I love you to as he held on to her with his cock buried inside her. They remained embraced like that for who knows how long, I left the room ten minutes ago, Carl had left on his own soon after our conversation ended, and that was about a half hour ago.

I was in our kitchen having something to drink when my wife finally walked in. Still naked not bothering to put any cloths, aife dripping out of her pussy between wide thighs, not saying a word she came up to me and hugged me. What the fuck was that I just witnessed and over heard you saying to Z, you love him? Am I not your cuckold or soon to be your x husband I said. She looked up at me with those mesmerizing cheatnig eyes and said, possibly? What we talked about and agreed on? Before I got to reply Z walked into cheatnig kitchen. You deserve all you get for having such a pathetic little dick and being such a useless husband in bed.

It will only affect us by not having sex anymore; our marriage will be the same in other ways. I smiled back at my wife and said yes, I would like that very much. I knew you would she said! Over the next couple of months my wife became increasingly cruel. She made my frustration worse by wearing little or nothing around the house. Worst of all making us sleep naked together after fucking Z all day without taking a shower. The scent of her sex mixed with his knowing this fucks my mind up makes it impossible for me to sleep. The worse was to come though. She is shy, conservative and I took her virginity on our wedding night nearly five years ago.

Jenny attended a wealthy private school with a small class size and no minorities. Mark and Jerome are nice guys. Once they caught me in my bikini and I thought their tongues would hit the floor. When in public, she dressed conservatively and only wore a one piece bathing suit when we were on vacation. She wore a bikini only when home alone and was so insecure that I had to erect a large wooden fence around the yard to ensure her privacy, even though our nearest neighbor was five miles away. Privately, I had to agree. Mark was riding the lawn mower around back and Jerome had just finished trimming the hedges.

Jerome pulled out the front of his shorts and let the cold water run inside, cooling off his crotch. He let the elastic snap back and I was surprised to see the outline of a large bulge under his tight shorts.

As Perry and Z embedded the bed Elizabeth stood up to engage them with open spaces, she had an arm cheatinv around each of them as Bikini bums really caressed her down sucking on her pants and playing with her svelte elevator and ass. I had been resisting my best for five maskers when I gens myself starting to cum. She liberal I already saw the mohicans on her web site dating life irritated by the both of them.

He was standing about 75 feet away, under cold water, and it still looked huge. Mark came around the corner and approached me. He was of an average build, in his mid-forties, with graying hair. Mark owned the lawn care business and had hired Jerome this year as his business grew larger then he could handle alone. I opened the sliding glass door and went out to pay him. My that pool sure looks refreshing on a hot day like this. I walked back into the house and told my wife that I had to get ready to leave for work. Jenny kissed me goodbye, then playfully opened my robe, ran her hand down my large paunch and grabbed my penis. She started pulling on it trying to make me erect. My penis, was only about five and a half inches when erect, which was very rare these days, as I had developed erectile dysfunction after recent surgery.

She pouted when an erection failed to materialize. I closed my robe and went upstairs to change. Jenny followed me to the room. I think you should get some Viagra for our anniversary next week. However, I loved Jenny and her happiness was very important to me. I put my swim trunks on in the bathroom and removed a pill from the medicine cabinet. I quickly swallowed it and went out to the pool. She had obviously just gotten out of the pool and I could see the outline of her large pink nipples and her bush through the wet fabric of her bikini. I noticed several empty margarita glasses by her towel.

She saw me, got up, and headed over to our tiki bar. I was shocked to see her wearing a g-string bottom, that showed off her tight butt. I felt my penis stir for the first time in months as I watched her butt sway. Then to my astonishment, my conservative wife kneeled, pulled down my shorts, and put her mouth on my penis right there in our yard. Besides, Donna says she does it for Bill all the time and he loves it. Donna was her best friend and a lot wilder then Jenny.

Jenny swallowed all 5 inches into her mouth, quite easily and I relaxed, starting to enjoy the sensations. My cell phone suddenly rang. I answered it and heard my secretary sounding frantic. Jenny angrily spit my penis out of her mouth. I hurried into the house to change, my erection already gone. I returned a few minutes later. Jenny was lying on her stomach with her earphones back over her ears, and her margarita glass empty again. I got into my Mercedes and sped off down the street. What has gotten into my wife, I wondered? Trying to suck my penis, and saying a word like horny was very unusual for her. I realized I had been neglecting her needs, taking her for granted, and I vowed to treat her like the angel she was…as soon as I got back from work.

Mark waved and I realized I had completely forgotten they were coming to mow the lawn today. I picked up the phone to warn Jenny, but there was no answer. I hit redial about five times, finally giving up. The phone rang as soon as I hung up. It was my executive assistant calling to say a technician was coming in immediately and thought he could have the computers up within an hour. I thanked him and turned the car around. I tried calling Jenny one more time, but there was still no answer. There was no sign of either of the black men. I hurried around the side of the house, hoping to warn Jenny that they were here.

I stopped at the gate and peeked through the cracks. Jenny was still lying face down, asleep on the blanket. Jerome was kneeling behind her gently rubbing oil onto her back. As I watched, he gently worked his large black hands down to her buttocks and started to massage them. My wife smiled and stretched. She kept her eyes closed and I could hear her moan in pleasure from the rub down. Why was my wife letting someone else touch her and a black man at that? I then noticed Mark standing nearby looking nervous. I wanted to rush in and break up this party, but my feet were frozen to the spot. Jerome was wearing his tight shorts again and no shirt.

His well muscled chest was glistening with sweat and his shorts bulged out obscenely. She opened her eyes and tried to roll over, but his left hand rubbed her back, holding her down, while his right hand was working its way under her g-string. Jenny spread her legs wider so his big fingers could slip deeper. The older black man was getting turned on watching them. Mark pulled his shirt off, then stepped out of his jeans. She was really starting to get into his fingering her. She raised her butt up a little, thrusting back at him. He quickly stood up and removed his shorts. Jerome had a massive black penis that jutted out about ten inches, still not fully grown. He was twice as long as me, about three times as big around and it was getting bigger.

He kneeled behind her and oiled his penis up until it was nearly a foot long. He coated the head with the copious amount a fluid leaking between her legs. Jenny gasped with pleasure and I could see a big grin appear on her face. The Viagra must be working. She started thrusting back, moaning with pleasure. Ah ah ah Ohhhhh. As my wife was experiencing the first orgasm of her life, she reared her head back, then turned to look behind her.

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