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The Hollywood sign was still the 'Hollywoodland' sign. The last four letters were removed in You got normal food and full meals on flights, Remote controls were cutting-edge technology, Legends passed on their legacies, Bruce Lee playing with his son Brandon, We first understood how small and alone we are, A few people got together for a "small party", Woodstock, You could get a Big Mac for 65 cents, 's. Steven Spielberg gave the world "Bruce", the prop that was used to make "Jaws" in The President had some impressive skills, Gerald R. The Titanic took off for its last trip, full of dreams and promises, Ireland, She prided herself on her duties as the household matriarch.

From the young age of five, Jackie had always been in the spotlight. As such, she had to always look her best — dressed, and ready to impress.

Time vintage photos First

Soon, everyone wanted to dress like Jackie. Representing the USA Jackie was a woman of class and elegance. At first, Jackie was really into European fashion and enjoyed French designs. However, her father-in-law was concerned about how the American people would react to her foreign fashion preferences. Think about it this way: He designed a beige suite for the First Lady, one that reflected her poise and refinement. When she stepped out in it, the American public went wild. Her style was minimal but classy and affordable. No matter where she went or who she talked to, Jackie always stunned.

The dress shown in picture below was worn at a dinner in honor of the French Minister of Culture, Andre Malraux. Harpers Bazaar The dinner had been organized by Jackie herself, and she had a hidden agenda for buttering up Andre Malraux. Jackie was determined to show the American people art and culture, and wanted Malraux to ask permission for the Mona Lisa to come to the US on tour.

Convinced to believe, she took their beautiful and let in DC. He was far impaired about the whole community.

A fashion icon That dress began a chain of fashion-forward trends that are still going to this day. Her outfits were simple and easy to vimtage. During a time where puffy skirts, petticoats, veils, and gloves ruled the world of fashion, Jackie kept it simple in the most elegant way. To this day, designers look to Jackie for inspiration. She tended to lean toward phoros colors, such as soft buttercream yellows, beige, and First time vintage photos. She also loved powder blues and pinks, and seldom wore bright colors. Once in a while, she was seen rocking a vibrant red or navy blue, depending on the occasion.

She wore trapeze coats with large buttons and vintsge never carried any kind of embellishments. One letter to her personal phoyos emphasized her shoe choice: She was a talented horseback rider She never did give up her love of horses either. She loved them so much that she rode even during her time at the White House. That same evening, the president decided to gift the first lady with a beautiful necklace, and his year-old horse, Sardar —the same horse she had ridden that afternoon. Flattered as she was, she still had reservations about accepting his gifts. Exercising her privileges as First Lady As you can imagine, Jackie was over the moon with his gift.

Though accepting such a tremendous gift may have drawn looks of disapproval, Jackie gave in to the temptation and accepted. Of course, her special treatment did draw some backlash from the public and other government officials. A congressman apologized to her horse Republican Congressman Walter McVey complained about his own misfortune after he was rejected from a Military Air Transport Service flight when he heard that a horse got its hooves on an Air Force plane. He was pretty upset about the whole thing. Above, you can see Jackie practicing her jumps with her beloved horse.

On occasion, she was expected to travel on behalf of her husband. In doing so, she created alliances that benefited the country. She made a point to learn foreign customs It pays to be educated and well-mannered. Her education and love for culture had earned her respect and admiration from around the world. She knew several languages and taught herself foreign customs. In conjunction to speaking French, she also spoke Italian, Spanish, and Latin.

The way she postured herself was something to admire, and many women looked up to her as a role model vontage how a woman should be. She was timeless and elegant. However, her life would soon take a turn for the worse. She had to be strong at her weakest moment As painful as it was, the First Lhotos always had to have a sense of composure, even when dealing with the death of her husband. Many mourned for the death of their president; many openly wept. She had to witness Lyndon B. She had to explain to her children why they would no longer be seeing their father.

And she was devastated. She had to set an example; she had to stay strong. However, even though she was grieving, time marched on. She took care of her children and made sure the vacuum of leadership was handled smoothly. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in honor of her husband. Once she had memorialized his legacy, Jackie soon found herself accepting the change in her life without Jack.

Five years later, she was remarried to Aristotle Onassis in Jackie O, champion for the arts Between her poise as first lady and composure after the loss of her husband that Jackie became an iconic national figure for generations to come. And as time passed, she had no choice but to move on with her life. She had done so much for the American people and not just in the fashion world. During her time as First Lady, Jackie had also contributed to the arts. Harpers Bazaar She revived the American spirit of the US by promoting its culture and its achievements.

She even renovated the White House. Can we talk about that camel coat? As the First Lady, Jackie planned dinners for diplomats and renowned figures. She invited artists, scientists, poets, and had musicians mingling with political figures. It was time to express ourselves and connect. Kennedy in thanks for her hospitality. To many of us, it is one of the most exciting developments on the present American cultural scene. Tragedy strikes again After her husband died, the public was in mourning. They appreciated how strong the widow was on behalf of the country. To them, she would always be Jacqueline Kennedy.

However, they would soon be disappointed when she married Aristotle Onassis. The nation was in an outrage. Elle Magazine She had been alone for five years and moved on good for you, Jackie!

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