Uk reciprocal amateur license

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Converting a US Amateur Radio Licence / ARRL / FCC qualifcation to a UK Amature Radio Licence

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If successful, you would qualify for a normal UK Full licence. Application for a reciprocal licence should be made at least three months before travel to Australia.

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amqteur That would be available free of charge and would be valid indefinitely. If prior to passing such exam a person already held a UK Intermediate e. It is also subject to the "temporary" Visa restriction. If operating from UK England then you need to preface your call sign with the letter M. This means acceptance in CEPT countries, including those in the European Union without the need for any additional licence.

These are described in the licence terms and conditions. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the Spectrum Licensing Team on or via email at [2][ email address ]. Both recommendations are available on the internet at http: An Australian Certificate of Proficiency is not required or issued. When planning a trip overseas and wanting to operate, you should ask the relevant radio administration or the IARU member radio society as the WIA may not have the latest information in other countries Files For Download.

Amateur license reciprocal Uk

The call signs that identify stations authorised under a Temporary Reciprocal Licence do not adopt the normal amateur radio station format. That means rreciprocal the reciprocal agreements an equivalent VK licence is issued. If you intend to stay longer than the typical "visitor or tourist" visa allows then you have to apply for a CEPT license. You should only operate within the Australian amateur bands that meet the qualification or licence held overseas. To learn more about the Overseas Amateurs Visiting Australia Class Licence that is free, or Reciprocal Licence application and its table of equivalent licences, see files for download below.

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