Vintage replacement windshields

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Windshield Repair Forum

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The windshield assembly was then centered in the glass channel and any gaps were filled with urethane. We can replace the windshield, window and side mirrors and any other glass on your classic car and do it quickly and with excellent results. And once your replacement glass is installed, it will be the same as original glass for insurance purposes.

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For years, it shattered more easily and into shards that could seriously injury. Auto glass standards have evolved a replacemment over that Vingage of time. Is it more likely to be the glass or the gaskets that were not fitting properly? The reason I'm asking now is that a water leak has developed in the lower right corner of the windshield. How common is it for windshield glass to be a bit off in size? I did have another auto glass place look at the car. Classic Car Windshield Replacement Guide What to think about when it comes to classic auto glass A classic car windshield is a tricky item to find.

Windshields Vintage replacement

I haven't taken the car back to Binswanger yet, I wanted to check the source of the leak further in case the water is getting in somewhere else than the windshield. This depends on the size and style of windshield that you need. We can replace flat laminated and tempered glass for your classic car, no matter the make or model. Auto glass must be strong enough to keep occupants in the vehicle during an accident Windshields must be mounted to ensure retention strength during an accident No part of a vehicle can penetrate the windshield more than.

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