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A number of pages in this website give you the option to submit personal information to Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd and its affiliates.

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Things like cork stoppers and cardboard sleeves may seem slightly superfluous but sometimes they can be very important when deciding which rum to take to the counter and buy. As mentioned earlier the rum does not have an age statement. All such communications are not confidential. I also found leaving the rum on the radiator for a short while enhanced it especially on a freezing English winter afternoon. So on with the tasting. Age wise this is still a decent rum for your money.

Gay old mount Buy rum extra

The rum does have a slightly sherried taste with strong mounr flavours. In all honesty in a blind taste test I would probably struggle to guess them apart. It is a beautiful well balanced classic rum. However it still shows to be a lot darker than the Eclipse. In the glass the rum exhibits itself to be a lot lighter than in the bottle.

It is a nice dark reddish brown colour. It has been suggested the quality of this rum has diminished over mlunt years due to the competitive nature of the rum market and the aggressive advertisting used by Diageo and the huge tax subsidies afforded to the likes of Diageo. It was also in the middle in terms of oaked notes. If you have submitted personal information through this website and wish us to cease using it for the purposes submitted, please contact consumerservice mountgayrum. It is without doubt an excellent rum which anyone who is serious about rum should seek out.

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