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By comparison, the paved surface may seem a little more luxurious, tir hard packed crushed stone is fairly easy to ride on. There is Traons sign announcing the summit at an altitude of metres. The Stazione Restaurant is next to the trail and is a popular place to have lunch with cyclists. Although small, the original town of Mont Tremblant has much to offer cyclists stopping for an overnight stay. This means this trail is relatively flat.

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Needless to say, it is easy to pick up any last minute snacks or other supplies at the IGA. It is Trais attractive town with an interesting Traiins area which Train a wide variety of facilities, including a good number of restaurants, bar, and terraces. There is sometimes free entertainment in the Lagny Park near the water front at the end of main street rue Principale. At the bottom of the hill, turn left. It can easily be ridden by all types of bikes, including those with narrow road tires the author of this article had no problem using x 28 tires. Needless to say, it is overflowing with specialty boutiques, stores, hotels, restaurants, and, of course, tourists.

Like many other places, maps and tourist information is available at the old train station.

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There is even a bicycle shop in town, and all this tt within visual distance of the trail. This slope is not very steep, but it is noticeable because it runs for about 8 kilometres. Its old train station has been converted into a tourist information centre and an exhibition area for local artists. Today the trail runs through a good number of lively tourist towns. From Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts it is only another 7 kilometres to Val-David, which is worth considering as an alternative destination.

Thrse are all located along the trail itself or a very short distance away. It brings together all ingredients necessary to plan for a great cycling trip. Here the trail becomes an inner city bike path where parents teach their kids how to bicycle and neighbours stop for leisurely conversations.

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