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A woman who co-founded Soranet, South Korea's largest pornography website, has been sentenced to four years in prison for aiding and abetting the distribution of obscene material. Ms Song, 46, was suspected of having operated the file-sharing site with her husband and another couple from September to March She firmly denied the accusations during her trial, claiming that her husband and a second couple were in charge of running the site. Some of the women who featured in these videos took their own lives.

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We support many different kinds of sites including porn sites and we will allow you to view videos that are usually blocked at school or work. Soranet hosted thousands of spycam and revenge porn videos on overseas servers The co-founder fled to New Zealand, but was deported last year after a public outcry The site had over a million members at its height It is illegal to produce and disseminate porn in South Korea.

Ms Song was forced to return to South Korea last year when her passport was pornno. The site had over a million members at its height, and tens of thousands of illegal porn videos, including spycam porn that showed women secretly filmed at public locations, were uploaded to Soranet's overseas servers. It is a totally free proxy to use as much as you like.

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