Federal siren light vintage

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Federal Lights

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Was only taken out to show. Has the black mount bracket for the magnets that are included. Has amazing flash pattern. The light bar is shaped like the Stealth fighter. Pa has volume adjustment. This is rare and actually works.

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Sold as ,ight with mounts shown. I opened the sealed box just to test it to make sure it works. This one has the chrome mounting bracket for the magnets that are included. It has 2 clear alley lights. This comes with the LED interface. Without it the light is useless. Other vendors do not include the interface if you can even find these.

Very hard to come by. The mounting feet as shown are included. This can easily go into service but sirren belongs on a collectors shelf. This was made in and in original Styrofoam packing box. Plate is brand new and never displayed. It is very collectible. This is very large. The siren spins and functions. The red front bulb takes a G. Someone tested it on 12v.

Very common bulb lighr it is still made for flashlights. There is a motor that makes bulb turn that works but may need a belt or adjusting. Light and spinner is a separate wire from siren. This has the original badging.

Siren light vintage Federal

Serial C — Model C eiren. This is very collectible. Sren heavy to ship. For local pick up only. Spins freely siiren no lag or fighting to start up. Perfect for a restoration Fedetal a fire truck or the serious collector. See below pics also. A must for your mancave. I have never seen one. This has a unique flash pattern and has a brand new strobe pack from the factory. I just restored the lens and it looks great. It has 4 magnets for mounting FFederal a lighter plug with switch. It is shaped like the Stealth Bomber. The back is all blue with clear sections built into the lens.

The front is Red clear and blue clear. Cast aluminum grill sets for the Federal Model X siren. Cast aluminum bases for the "Trio" lights such as used on Adam 12 cars. Cast brass bases for the Sterling Model 12 siren and many early Sireno sirens. New Glass lenses for the Federal Models: In addition, we have a large stock of glass and plastic convex lenses in many colors. We can also have Lexan lenses made to your order as to size and lip thickness. Shop time is billed at reasonable rates, and we provide free estimates on items delivered to us. All rebuilt and reconditioned items carry an unconditional 90 day guarantee unless otherwise specified. If you plan to be in the Tucson area, please fell free to call and stop by to visit.

We have on display, the premier restored collection of antique and vintage early emergency vehicular warning devices in the country.

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