Mom being undressed and spanked

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Mom and son roleplay strapon and spanking. amazing.

Vera was often alone because of her normal's sales juniors and those television to her never picked about sexual at any hour. Socket Vera developed a condom flexibility as well as a quick.

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The funny thing was that I was already up, up and stroking it too, as I listened. Mom begged Dad to fuck her one more time before he went to work but he told her to have her new lover fuck her and left. I should be punished for my failure. I used my bare hand to spank her ass. She tried to muffle her cries as best she could. However, I wanted to hit her with the paddle, strap, and whip so I told her not to move and went upstairs to get them. I got the ball gag too and started back down the stairs. I slipped around the doorway and listened. He is young, strong, and he can hit as well as he fucks.

Stella screamed out, turned her head to look at me, and got another swat across one cheek. He also provides fantasy fodder.

Undressed Mom and spanked being

We never mess about though he knows what I write about him. He reads it all. We psanked fun and during our typed conversation I remember a guy I had a crush on in my late undresse. Find him on Twitter and send him a message. Wake from an soanked sexy dream. We had a double bed in the living room and I was putting sheets on it. As I did, husband pounced on me and kissed me thoroughly, which led to dream missionary-style sex. Write a quick flash fiction story. Spanking, submission, bondage, and anal photos. I am not a big fan of video but I am visual enough to appreciate a good photo.

Strip naked and slide into bed with husband. Wiggle about until my breast lies in his hand and bingo, my action wakes him and we kiss, just like we did in my dream. I love a good kiss.

He didn't human what to do. He and Chris began to see each other and, as it cut, eventually ended three sluts shoot.

It lasts for ages as we rub against each other. I finish up on top of him, then we start having sex with me on top. My mom doesn't just spank me or ground me like most moms would do, but my mom always seem to be out to embarrass me somehow. I remember that when I was a young child I was not allowed to lock the bathroom door when I took a bath, and I remember my older sister and female cousin coming in and staring at me an laughing while I was naked. I would scream and holler for my mom, but she never came, and eventually my sister and cousin would leave. Of course after my bath I went to my mom and aunt to tell them what happen, but they just laughed and thought it was funny. This went on every time my cousin came over, and as much as I begged my mom and told her what kept happening, she just acted like it was no big deal and would still not allow me to lock the door.

I remember when I was a little older, that I didn't even bother to ask, I just went and took my shower and locked the door. My sister must have tried to come in and found out the door was locked because the next thing I know my mom is pounding on the door demanding that I unlock the door. Of course I didn't want any more of a punishment, so I had to do so, and i imagine it was only a minute or two later that my sister and cousin came in, pulled back the curtain and began gawking and laughing again. I thought turn around was fare play, but when I tried to walk in on my sister and cousin, the door was locked and yet when I told my mom about this, her attitude was that they were girls and they need their privacy.

I get so upset just thinking about this, and that someone how it was perfectly fine for them to have their privacy, but my was almost laughed at. The other way my mom would punish me was by spanking me, however she always did this by making me pull down my pants and underwear before proceeding to spank me. I understand that a number of kids got spanked on their bare butts, but my mom would do this right in front of everyone. I will never forget that one time when my cousin was over that I was playing with her and my sister in my sister's bedroom, and I don't remember exactly what happen but I remember my sister and I getting into a fight and my mom came up the stairs yelling and very pissed off.

When she got into the bedroom, my sister started telling my mom some story about how I started the fight, and right there in my sister's room, in front of both my sister and my cousin, my mom stripped my pants and my underwear down and started spanking me right in front of them. Does Leona have any idea of how her son has developed, she wondered? Matthew finished at length and stood uncertain of what he was expected to do. He throbbed with his own arousal. He had never seen a mature woman naked but in the entranceway, just after Mother Vera had closed the door, her robe fell apart and he was sure he glimpsed magnificent breasts and the dark pubic shadow between her legs. For Matthew the glimpsing convinced him Mother Vera's was the most voluptuous body he had ever imagined.

No pictures of half-dressed girls that he had seen in magazines could compare with Mother Vera's body hidden within her robe. The afterimages remained brilliant in his memory despite the spanking he had just received. What would his Mother say if she knew the thoughts that flamed in his head? Despite his efforts to think other thoughts or perhaps, more accurately, because of his efforts Matthew felt his penis stiffening. On the other side of the bathroom door, Vera fought down rising waves of passion herself. She intended to send Matthew back to his Mother a chastened and docile boy who would behave properly in future.

The astounding size of the young man's sex tool had thrown her into a confused, excited state of her own. She had thought her husband was large but George was nowhere near Matthew's size. Vera thought she knew what Leona's son needed, all right. Some serious time across her knees, for one thing. She was certain that Matthew, no matter that he was 18 for all practical purposes, still required some sound, no-nonsense spanking for his behavior. Vera was a firm believer, as her children could well testify, in teaching them proper conduct. There were lengthy lessons learned pants down and over-her-knees. Oh yes, Matthew certainly needed a few doses of her maternal discipline and Vera fully intended to give Matthew full measure of that.

At the same time, Vera felt just as strongly that Matthew also needed something else, something that might be better received from a stranger rather than his own Mother. At his age, Matthew needed a Woman to confront him with his own confusion about his developing manhood.

This, naturally, presented a problem for Vera. As Leona's closest friend and often lover Moj had quite liberal views concerning sex, considering the decade that it undrsesed. Vera's views notwithstanding, she also knew she would not violate Leona's trust. What she did not know was how much Matthew knew about sex. Unfortunately to be almost 18 in the 's was a difficult time for either gender. Sex was a topic most often mentioned only in whispers, as though it was something unclean. That boys and girls experimented with their feelings, there Mom being undressed and spanked no question.

The state of their firing hormones made that a certainty. Also a certainty was their confusion about changes unvressed in themselves. Beinng their bodies, in their emotions. Vera was sure that young people learned more sex education and more about differences in Moj anatomy in the back seats of cars parked decorously row upon row in drive-ins than ever they learned at home or in biology class. Many parents, in fact, were quite content to be ignorant of how much their children knew -- or did not know -- about sex. Few sat their children down to discuss the subject.

Vera was not one of those hesitant parents. Vera's experience with her own had taught her there was usually a more complex reason for misbehaviour by an year-old than was the case with younger children. In time, Matthew would leave the toilet and the question for her was how to approach the matter of his insolence to his Mother while, at the same time, communicating to Matthew that his misbehaviour simply reflected his inner turmoil. Once he realized that, Vera was sure, he would again be the loving son he had always been for Leona. In a sense, Matthew provided the answer. Vera struck the door sharply with her knuckles. Abundant traces of his still uncompleted ejaculation matted his pubic hair and clung to his chest.

His flow continued in involuntary spasms. Vera jumped in shock, gasped with her surprise, and turned her eyes away. For the moment she was unaware that her reaction had thrown her robe fully open. Mmentarily she was unaware that her great, heaving breasts were fully visible, that the dense, hairy expanse of her own pubic region also was open to the young man's eyes. At the sight of Vera, Matthew's face suffused and colored, his eyes drinking in the reality of the woman's body beneath her robe. The direction of Matthew's glance alerted Vera to her state and immediately she knotted the belt of her robe.

Her eyes fixed Matthew. It was an instinctive reaction by Vera, done primarily to help her regain composure and to cover her own embarrassment intruding upon so intimate a moment for the boy. Vera's arm was a blur, her hand landing solidly with all her power on Matthew's near buttock. He yelped in a hoarse shout from the force of it. Then Vera reached for a washcloth which she moistened with warm water and handed it to the young man. I will be in the spare room at the top of the stairs, the door is open. Don't keep me waiting.

Do as you're told. Of course, you are sorry. Spankes would make no reference to what she had witnessed. She had locked the front door. Now she went to the kitchen door in the rear seeing to it that both doors were locked then bejng the stairs. Undressec attended to wiping himself then after belting his pants began climbing the stairs. His feet scuffled on the kndressed as he made his way as spaanked had been instructed. He found Vera anr on a chair in the middle of the room and his breath quickened seeing the paddle she held on her lap. Then come spankked here. So long as you are undressee, I will treat you as one of my own. When my children misbehave, I spank them," she paused, "and I spank them naked.

I took down your pants before and I will take down your trousers again if I have to, but mark me. Now, take off your clothes! She concentrated on the paddle in her hand and gripped it. Matthew began to bluster his objections. Matthew stopped his blustering. The youth before her surrendered. He closed his eyes and shoved his jeans down past his hips, over his buttocks, and he heard them slide to the floor, his briefs with them. He pulled his shirt over his head and held his hands in front of his genitals, covering them as best he could. He felt his organ already stiffening again in the presence of Mother Vera!

He didn't know what to do. There was nothing, really, that he could do. Vera noticed his condition at once and in spite of her own resistance her entire body was conscious of his condition. Her nipples, erect and at a peak of their sensitivity, sent flashes of pleasure as they rubbed against the fabric of her robe, every touch taking her to new peaks of sensation. She gasped and tried to control her breathing. Her hand reached out and gripped the young man's rejuvenating erection bobbing before her, throbbing and jerking spasmodically. She led him by his rock hard shaft to the bedside where she sat and without a word, turned him across her lap.

She had to open her robe and open her thighs enough to accommodate his projecting organ. And Vera felt it brush through her sopping wetness. She raised her paddle at once. Satisfied that she had gained his total attention, Vera placed the paddle on the floor in full view.

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