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Doodle by Aneesah Satriya The following is a true story: An year-old boy who was addicted to porn approached me for help. This is by far one of the Muslum difficult cases I have handled. This young boy called me saying that he heard that I am willing to help those who are addicted to pornography and illegal sexual activities. He said it so frankly over the phone: Shortly after, I was able to convince him to come and meet me at the Center. When he came in, I immediately noticed that his mind was somewhere else. He was completely lost. He had sweat all over his face, which was extremely reddish, and quivered. Once he sat down, he said: Life is of no use anymore. I was full of energy and happiness.

Life for me was everything.

How could a person at his young age think of ending his life? Right now, he is doing very well. But while he is now completely free from pornography and undesirable sexual behaviors, he is being treated medically as he has developed severe Erectile Dysfunction as a result of regular masturbation during his years of addiction. Let us ask ourselves: How many people can actually decide to commit suicide because of pornography?

In most girls, we act judgmental because we do that addicts are important and immoral adverts. He such his thoughts, lost confidence, fought with everyone around him.

This boy reached a level where pornography was a daily practice of seven hours, yet there was no pleasure. He failed his exams, lost confidence, fought with everyone around him. At the end, he was thinking of committing suicide. I would like to ask you as a reader: If not, then be a positive contributor and start eliminating this destructive habit from your life once and for all. ProductiveMuslim has conducted an important interview with Ibrahim. The purpose of it is to help brothers and sisters out there become fully informed about this issue, its dimensions and how to break free from it and regain control over their lives in order to lead a pure, healthy lifestyle that is productive on every level.

We leave you with the interview. At ProductiveMuslim, we continue to receive emails from brothers and sisters young and old who want to be productive and lead an active lifestyle, but unfortunately, they are facing a serious challenge with pornography addiction that it is affecting their lives. Let me first define addiction itself. The addiction of anything is a very compulsive and harmful need of having or doing something on a regular basis. In the past, people used to associate addiction with consuming hard substances like heroin, cocaine or alcohol etc.

It all depends on your own fantasy that pornography has created for you. For example, we sometimes find people addicted to reading pornographic novels; others will be addicted to soft porn where private parts are not completely shown; some will only watch hardcore porn, while others will go to the extreme end and watch homosexuality and even bestiality videos. So whichever type porn you are addicted to, the end result will remain the same.

Your entire brain will be occupied most of the time with continuous sexual images that on the long run could easily ruin your life. Pornography fdee comes from the Greek word porne and porneia, which mean female captives, prostitutes, fornication, sexual immorality and so on. In short, Muslims should have nothing to do with such a destructive sin. I will answer this question from two different angles: How to tell that you are an addict How to tell if others i.

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Here are a few indicators: The secrecy of the activity: It is normal for most of us to keep their sexual activities as a secret; however, porn addicts would even deny the fact that they are watching porn Muslim porn free confronted. This is to the extent of delaying poorn important tasks for the Msulim of watching porn for hours. Your expectations and beliefs about sex change: You start comparing your wife or husband Mjslim a porn star whom you have watched recently. Addicts are mostly unaware that porn movies are all scripted and unreal. A danger sign that could lead to actual zina is that once you are addicted to porn, you will start picturing real people whom you know and imagining having sex with them.

These people could Muslim porn free your family members, neighbors, sisters or brothers in the nearby Islamic Community Frew etc. Second, how do you tell if others are addicted to pornography? The person always wants to be alone. Sleeplessness and Internet all night: Most Internet users will be watching porn late at night. Spending hours on their computers or cellphones at that time with excuses of being busy checking emails, responding to urgent messages etc. Browsing history is always deleted: The question though remains: Islam is a beautiful religion; it does not only prohibit the act of zina, but anything remotely associated with it, or anything that could lead to the actual act.

Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. Chapter 2, Verse ] The command given is not only about following Satan, but rather his footsteps, his tricks and his traps that might lead to evildoing. That first trigger could lead to a massive production of a hormone in the brain called dopamine [a hormone responsible for our pleasures, happiness and addictions]. So what is the solution? Covering spectra of Asian babes, Oriental porn section in the Pornhd. Nothing comes in thrill than watching a Thailand bargirl cum so hard in front of your screen.

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