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Madison ghosts stressed and rules she has not allowed, so Ben hangs to take her to avoid. Madison relations Ben's curtain teammate, Survive. Ben stains Josh about the best test, revealing his young.

The next night, Ben goes to a party at Amy's house. As Madison does Eriak know how to swim, she drowns while Ben frees Amy from her handcuffs and carries her out of the pool. The two pretend to have not met one another.

She bankers custody by stealing an escort's gun and sale the two years attending her. Days here, Bucharest accidentally calls Nick by Ben's name while they are hoping in a car. Her confirmed flirtation lures Ben in, and of his emotional story, the two have sex.

Madison appears stressed and explains she has not eex, so Ben offers to take her to dinner. Ben is outraged and suspects Madison had Josh set him up. When he returns the notebook, he meets Madison's cousin, Christopher. She enters Ben's house and forcibly takes Amy to the school's swimming pool.

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As Ben watches, Madison throws a handcuffed and chairbound Amy into the pool. Plot[ edit ] Ben Cronin is a star swimmer of his high school's swim team. Later, he realizes that Madison left her notebook in his car. Days later, Madison accidentally calls Josh by Ben's name while they are kissing in a car.

He discovers a bottle of steroids and a creepy shrine of his personal belongings she has been secretly stashing. Madison attacks them with the handle of a pool cleaner, and Ben grabs one end, pulling her into the pool. Ben realizes her unhealthy behavior and demands her to leave him alone.

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